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How to arrive at our Location


Well, first of all you have to find Croatia on the map of Europe. Croatia is located on the east side of the Adriatic Sea between Italy, Slovenia, Hungary and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Funtana is located between cities of Porech and Rovinj

When you located Croatia look for Istra, that Croatia's biggest peninsula near the Italian and Slovenian border. Funtana is a small settlement between Porech and Rovinj.

Apartments Vidovich are on the NE (northeastern) side of the town.

Apartments Vidovich are located on the northeastern side of the town on the main Porech - Vrsar - Rovinj road. Street name is Ograde number 45. However if you get lost don't hesitate to ask for directions or plan your route carefully before you even start the trip by using accurate road maps of Croatia and Europe or by using your preffered route planning software.

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There are a lot of transport options for your safe arrival.

  • By plane: You can fly to Croatia's capital city, Zagreb or smaller airports like Pula or Loshinj
  • You can find the best deals for European flights on SkyScanner.
  • By bus: Time tables are on Zagreb Bus terminal web or contact your local bus operator for international lines.
  • By train: Local train operator Hrvatske Zeljeznice have timetables for local travel, while international timetables can be found on Deutsche Bahn site.
  • By car: At the start of this page we gave you links to trip planners by car. Don't forget that on Croatian highways you have to pay tolls, but you are not obligated to buy a monthly vigneta.
  • Traffic situation: Please be careful how you drive since there will be a lot of traffic during summer season. Best advice would be to travel mid-week and by night when it is cooler. Information about traffic situation can be found on the website of the Croatian Auto Club.

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